The influence of chip shortage on electronic wiring harness industry

Chips are increasingly used in everything from the most common mobile phones, televisions and computers to driving smart cars. If the chip shortage is not alleviated, then many industries will be affected, and the electronic wiring harness industry will be significantly affected.
Why would a chip shortage have a major impact on the electronic wiring harness industry?
Chip is the core component of intelligent technology of electronic equipment. As home appliances become more and more intelligent, TV, computer and other home appliances are closely related to chip. The shortage of chips will cause the situation of the household appliance industry is also very dangerous, and the electronic wiring harness is an indispensable transmission component of electronic products, so the chip shortage has a great impact on the electronic wiring harness industry.
For example, the current home appliances are becoming more and more intelligent, from the ordinary TV to the refrigerator, washing machine, are gradually intelligent, a TV has hundreds of indispensable components, and the chip is the most important part, is also the necessary condition for the intelligence of these home appliances. If there is a chip shortage problem, once the production requirements cannot be met, it will have a big impact, including the electronic wiring harness industry involved.